Wish/question: IncidentRadiation: trace back point results to input meshes


I am doing a IncidentRadiation study on different input meshes.

for example: street level, facades, and roofs.

I have these as separate meshes.
And I would like to split the result into these different categories.

However I do not see a possibility to do that, as all output points are “flattened”

Am I missing something maybe?

I could imagine it would be useful to have another output on the LB IncidentRadiation node that helps to sift the result points by input mesh(ID)

I can reconstruct it by using meshClosest point and compare lengths, but it is slow for many points and probably possible much faster during the calculation inside LB

thank you!


Welcome to the discourse.
Not in front of the computer, but you can name each grid (Facade, roof, etc) and then filter the results according to grid.

Hi Abraham,

thanks for getting back so quickly.

Could you expand on where that naming/filtering could happen?

maybe in a different node? I don’t see that possibility here:

This can be done using the HB_Radiance irradiance recipe, where you can input various grids.
Using the LB_IncidentRadiation what i usually do is separating beforehand the different surface types (Roofs, facades) and analyzing them separately (not with the same component but copying them 2, 3 times).


Thanks! i see, that makes sense. and always use in “context” the other parts not testing for.

for now I got it to work quite ok with the meshCP nodes (in this case from Impala plugIn).
Not too slow after all. I am testing for reference geometry (seperate meshes for roof,facade,ground) and sift the mesh faces from the incidentRadiation node accordingly.