Working with layers and daylighting in Rhino

Hello everyone,

I wonder if someone with more experience than me in Rhino can answer this.

If we have our different surface materials in layers (e.g. opaque walls, windows, window frames, shadings), can we assign each layer in a brep and create glazed and shaded surfaces?

My concern is that of course we need orientation for each window, wall and shading device, in order to run the daylighting. Is there a way to assign the orientations on a later step. Or could there be a way of later decomposing the surfaces into directions? (I might be answering to myself here). I hope this is clear. In cases where we have good Rhino models, this can really speed things up in setting up zones and facade elements.

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Hmm I spoke too soon again.

Just saw the separate zones by orientation+├Ânly on glazing option.