Hi! I am trying to model an open office, so i modeled all the perimeter as a zone and the core as another zone. When I connect those in the solve adjacencies component the walls that are adjacent remain as Outdoors. Why can it not find the adjacencies? Please check the script and the image. Thank you very much for the consideration.

adjacencies.gh (542.5 KB)

You have internalized HBSurfaces and not the geometry itself and because of that I can’t check your file. This can be a tolerance issue when the accuracy that you are looking for is higher than the accuracy of your model. If you can update your model it will be easier for others to help you.

Hi Mostapha! Thank you for the reply! So, I uploaded a new GH file. At first I create my HBsurfaces and then I create the thermal zones. I tried different tolerances, but still the adgacencies are not solved. Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:adjacency_01.gh (530.3 KB)