Zero window shades using Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator

I wanted to use the “Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator” to generate “honeybee objects with shades” like the example below. For the windows without shading I set the number of blinds to zero.
But then I noticed some strange things were going on and I did not trust the results of the simulation.
I tested the component by running two simulations. One without the “Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator” component and one with that component with the number of shades set to zero. The results were quit different. Without shading component I needed much more energy for cooling then when i use this component.

Furthermore I noticed that when I want just one or two shaders for each window, no “honeybee objects with shades” were generated. (575.1 KB) shading.3dm (44.1 KB)

Can’t check your file but if you don’t want the shades don’t use theShade Generator component. Its output will add blinds to your definitions.

Hy @AbrahamYezioro

Thanks for the reply.

The information is a bit misleading. Zero horizontal blinds should be zero horizontal blinds.
Perhaps there has to be some warning about this issue.

I attached a simple example for testing.

Well, to add to your confusion, you can notice in the outputs there is HBObjWShades and shadeBreps.
The former includes the Zones (with windows and blinds but NO the geometry you see in your images), the later has ONLY this geometry and can/should be used as context.
The reason of all this is to have both options in one component and not 2 different ones. I agree with that. But also agree that if you are not aware of this it can be a bit confusing.
BTW, if you check the IDF file produced you can see this.

I will have a look.