Zone Equipment Group for multi zones


I just trying to set 2 HVAC Systems (System11_FCU+DOAS + Electric Baseboard) to multi zones (3 zones) but failed.

Is there any way to set multi HVAC systems to multi zones instead of only one zone? Thanks!


Hi @YZZhang, I believe you simply need to multiply the equipment x3 considering that you have three zones to serve.

Hi @mich.dimart, Thanks for your reply! Your advice is helpful but it could be too complex for a big number of zones ( for example 10 zones + 20 HVAC systems). Maybe there are easier ways to model?


I wanna dust this thread after 2 years. I meet the same challenge.

I want to add a baseboard and an exhaust fan in the same thermal zone. I am using this script for a large project with multiple zones.

Here is the problem:

If I merge them into 1 [ZoneEquipmentGroup], it doesn’t work. Because when you have x number of zones, you need x number of [ZoneEquipmentGroup].

If I separate them into 2 [ZoneEquipmentGroup] like the screenshot below, the equipments are not designated to the zones as I wish (each zone should have 1 fan + 1 baseboard) . From Openstudio, we can see this twisted configuration.

In the workflow for now, the solution I can think of is to dispatch the baseboard group and fan group, then put 1 baseboard and 1 fan into same [ZoneEquipmentGroup] (as the screenshot below). But this is not a healthy parametric model method, and I have about 50 zones in the projects. I don’t think it’s a good idea to manually wire up all the 50 [ZoneEquipmentGroup] components.

Maybe there are some better methods to assign multiple equipments to multiple zones? Do anybody know the ‘correct’ way to script it?


Just think of a way to solve it and make the workflow as simple as I expected.
In case anyone in the future has the exact double I had.

It’s a data structure exercise I didn’t initially realize. Voila -


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Thanks for your reply!