Zone issues


There must be something wrong with the way I’ve named or assigned zones and programs because I get a few errors. I’ve attached the file.

  1. First, I have to change Midrise Apartments to something similar (like Small Hotel) because I get an error before the EnergyPlus run.

  2. I get a number of “severe” errors, some of which I have listed below. They all seem to be a result of a naming error that is carried through each branch.

    • the IDF file address output results in "Solution exception: None type object has no attribute keys

    • the “out” results in "IDF line 788 Invalid Number in Numeric Field #1 (Direction of Relative North), value=z52, in ZONE = z51

    • IDF lines 769 Invalid Number in Numeric Field #1 (View Factor to Ground value = NOWIND, in BUILDINGSURFACE: DETAILED=Z1_SRF_5

I’ve attached the file, hopefully someone has seen these errors before and is smarter than me. thanks, (686 KB)

Hi Kyle,

There are couple of issues in the file.

  1. If you want to have a list in a panel, you need to right click and remove Multiline Data. You were generating zones with similar names.

  2. You can use a single component for solveAdjacency. Identical names and using multiple solveAdjacency was making duplicate zones in your model.

  3. You were assigning Opaque construction to windows. You can’t do this in EnergyPlus. Maybe I should add an extra check for this to give a warning to users. It wasn’t your fault though. The component returns Wall constructions which it shouldn’t. I will get that fixed, but meanwhile you can use search to filter window constructions. See attached file.

Here is a screenshot of the results. I also updated Honeybee_Honeybee component in your file so result visualization won’t fail. Unfortunately our update component doesn’t work at the moment but you can always sync with github manually.

Best of luck,

Mostapha (549 KB)