Zone made out of different surfaces bug


I am a trying to run a very simple simulation with a box shaped model, made out of 6 surfaces. I need to create the zone with different surfaces instead of the “Mass2Zone” component because it will get more complex after.

It seems impossible for me to run a simulation with something else than a box drawn in Rhino. Everytime I try to run a simulation with openstudio with a model made out of different surfaces, it doesn’t work, for a different reason.

On this model (main model) and (main model sim), the error message when I try to run the open studio simulation is this one :

Solution exception:C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\model\PlanarSurface.cpp@644 : Cannot create a surface with vertices [[0.00132088, 0.00171816, 0.0027], [0.00132088, 0.00171816, 0], [0.00932088, 0.00171816, 0], [0.00932088, 0.00171816, 0.0027]]

But it also used to say the “Calculation would require division by zero” regarding of people occupancy, but in this case, my model has floor (not like in the other post about that error message).

I can’t see what is wrong with my model or grasshopper file, after looking for the bug all afternoon…

Has anyone any ideas ?Main_model_sim.3dm (57.3 KB) (620.3 KB)

Hi, Vincent. i had the same problem before. After i change the unite of my Rhino to meters and restart the file, the simulation worked. have a try, gl.

Yes indeed that’s what I did eventually. I was not sure that it was the reason for my problem but it worked. I should have had posted the solution sooner…
Thanks anyway for your answer !