Zone natural ventilation

Hi all,

Anyone has already run some simulation with natural ventilation in the zones? I need to run some energy simulations considering natural ventilation and i was wondering how precise is the “HoneyBee_Set EP Air Flow component” (which is then translated in the Zone Ventilation: Wind and Stack Open Area in EP) compared to the Airflow Network model in EP.
It would be great to know that it is almost the same, since in one case i have already the component ready to use meanwhile on the other i should write an additional script to the workflow.
Please note that the zone is not an “easy” box but it has a more particular floor plan with multiple windows only on one side.
Thanks a lot in advance

@Claudia598 ,
Like the answer to many questions, the answer is “it depends”. For all cases where you have a single zone energy model or only airflow within single zones, the WindAndStack objects are virtually equivalent to what you would get with the airflow network (assuming you matched inputs between the two).

Furthermore for wind-driven multi-zone cases where there aren’t small openings in interior walls to impede air flow, the WindAndStack objects are equivalent to the airflow network.

The cases that aren’t well described using the WindAndStack objects are when you intend to have lots of bouyancy-driven airflow between zones (which oftentimes results in stale air flowing into the upper floors of a building; unless you use a fan to assist the flow) or when you have interior obstructions that impede the flow of wind-driven air across a building.