Zoning analysis on honeybee

Hello guys

Firstly, Thanks Mustapha for your help.I can work Honeybee thanks to your documents.

I install honeybee and start to make some analyse on it.Now I download epw file on Grasshopper with Ladybug to analyse honeybee surface zone according to heating but Henybee Read EP Result command doesn’t work.When I connect a panel it says no data was collected. I try to download Epw file again and copy its link and paste it to panel.I even open Chris Mackey grasshopper file but it doesn’t work anyway.Could you help me please?

7 - Importing Zone Level Results and Visualizing Them.gh (200 KB)

Hi Gulce,

You forget to internalize your geometry so I cannot really test it for your model. I created a simple box and everything works fine. The file is attached! I suggest you to internalize your test geometry and upload it again.


PS: Please be patient when you post a discussion. Someone from the group will get back to you once they get a chance. Everyone on the group receives an email once you post a discussion. Thanks! :slight_smile:

7ImportingZoneLevelResultsandVisualizingThem.gh (204 KB)