Assigning - Construction:ComplexFenestrationState to window




I’m very interested if anybody have any advice on how to format the LBNL WINDOW .idf output (from a complex fenestration system) so that it can be assigned to a surface in Honeybee through Grasshopper. The idf. output from LBNL is the EnergyPlus object Construction:ComplexFenestrationState.

Trying to load the .idf file into Grasshopper the file format is different than the one from Honeybee components:

Also the additionalStrings_ input doesn’t overwrite previous definition, so I recon it can’t be assigned there.

One workaround is to get Honeybee to initially create an .idf and then manually copy paste the fenestration object and change the appropiate names/references. However it would very nice if there is a faster way, since I need to do different iterations.

So to summaries the problem in a nutshell - I would like to be able to assign the attached .idf Construction to a surface in Honeybee.

GlzSys_Triple_PXN_MS_Bsdf.idf (1013.5 KB)


@tobiaspedersentsp ,

Good question. The Honeybee Import WINDOW IDF Report component can import the vast majority of exports from LBNL WINDOW - all of the way up to the spectral data if you so desire. However, complexFenestrationStates and EnergyPlus BSDF formats are not currently implemented. Given this, your best route towards automation is probably to write an EnergyPlus Measure that automatically replaces the construction in the IDF with the complex one that you need for your simulation.

I know that writing a measure requires a little knowledge of scripting and at least rudimentary knowledge of the Ruby Programming Language (or a willingness to search stackoverflow for questions about syntax). Still, an operation like this is really only a few lines of code and the vast majority of it can be written by editing the EnergyPlus measure example given in the measure writers guide:

This hydra example file shows you how to assign the measure on the OpenStudio component once you have written it:

I hope that helps and let us know if you end up writing the measure.



Thank you very much - I will give it a go and get back to you !