Adding heat sources in hvac simulations



I’ve managed to generate that heatflux with the following topoSetDict, I am still constrainted to set it to a box and not to a custom STL region.

name heat;
type cellSet;
action new;
source boxToCell;
{ box (0 0 0) (5 15 2);


and after development of the flow:


I am very interesting about what you have done. Could you upload the entire example folder or some website share link ?


Hi @minggangyin,
This was a case I assembled based on Tobias Holzmann’s work. There’s a lot of interesting content about CFD on his website. You’ll find not only his research and contributions but also a couple openfoam cases to purchase:
In particular the example “Free convection in solar chimney” was a starting point, I then adapted the files to the case I was interested in testing: no-wind conditions and see how buoyant forces stimulate the indoor airflows and monitor heat accumulation.


Hi @OlivierDambron

I think the comparison between the two scripts might give an indication. I believe that the reason you were getting that result in the first case was setting a cellSet as the source but creating a faceZoneSet with your topoSet.

It’s been a while I used this script so I can’t remember off the top of my head if simply changing to cellSet works. I do seem to remember to have two different parts in the code, one to create a faceZoneSet from an stl and the other to create a cellSet out of that. I’ll dig around to find it and let you know!

Kind regards,