Project Engineer and Project Leader positions at Transsolar Stuttgart/Munich [jobs] (2)

We are looking for French speaking engineers to join our office in Stuttgart/Munich as Project Engineer or Project Leader positions.

Environmental designer position in London, UK - Atelier Ten [jobs] (2)

atelier ten is looking for a full-time Environmental Designer to join our London head office. Environmental design staff at atelier ten are key members of interdisciplinary consulting teams working on exciting and innov…

Paper: An affective kinetic building façade system: Mood Swing [publications] (4)

We used Ladybug and Honeybee in the following conference paper presented at Advanced Building Skins last month. Thanks, guys! Moulton, N., Del Rocco, J., Kider Jr, J.T., & Fiore, S.M. (2018). An affective kinetic buildi…

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