I need your feedback on daylighting and glare simulations [announcements] (3)

Hi everyone, I kindly ask you to provide your input on the topic of daylighting and/or glare analysis. The survey responses will be used for a research project I’m working on. Your email addresses won’t be collected. Th…

2018 in a nutshell and the plans for 2019! [announcements] (12)

Hello everyone! Yesterday marked the 6th year after the initial release of Ladybug! Today, I want to continue the anniversary tradition that we have followed in past years of updating everyone about what happened in the…

KPF-New York: Environmental Performance Designer/Analyst [jobs] (2)

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates is seeking an Environmental Performance Designer/Analyst to join our Environmental Performance (EP) team at our New York City Headquarters and bring his or her analysis and modeling expertise…

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