Annual Daylight

Hello everyone,

I’m working on Daylight Factor and I have several questions about it :

  • At the first time I used the tool “daylightFactor Simulation”, founding good comparative results to IESVE. But is there a solution to consider the weather data file of the Project site ? I think these data influence a lot the result but maybe I’m wrong
  • Wondering to Input the weather data files I tried to generate a CIE sky with the appropriate tool, but it’s only for one typical hour. So is it possible to generate an annual CIE sky in order to calculate the Daylight Factor for one year ? Because by using the “annual Daylight Simulation” tool we calculate the Daylight Autonomy which is not appropriate for our studies …

Thank you very much !

Check this and this and this.

@AbrahamYezioro thank you I’ll read these discussions !