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is there any way to assign an Availability Schedule for HVAC in the new version of Honeybee? beside using IronBug.

I mean i honeybee 1.2 version. Any suggestions?

I am curious to know what do you mean by Availability Schedule here? My guess is that you can find help in the sample file named “creating_schedules” that ships with 1.2.0.

Thanks for the reply.

I mean such an input schedule in the old version.

when i open idf file the default schedule for HVAC is Always On schedule

I’m wondering about the same issue.
I want to “force” the heating/cooling just for a determined period of the year (as our local codes request).

Is there something in the horizon regarding the possible implementation of this feature?


I have found no way on Honeybee 1.2 and to implement this schedule I model HVAC with Ironbug. with that, you can assign any kind of schedule.

Thanks @ehsan.anvary
I’m using the IdealSystem and just want to calculate heating/cooling loads for certain months.

With Ironbug you can do that. Ideal load is one of default system of Ironbug.

Thanks @ehsan.anvary ,
Will give it a try.

@AbrahamYezioro Did you have any luck with this? Does Ironbug play nicely with LadyBug 1.2.0/1?

I tried a little bit but didn’t managed to do what i wanted/needed.

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Here’s the official response about what I recommend doing for the LBT HVAC Templates:

Thanks for respond, but in one of my experience implement only setpoint schedule don’t work correctly in final energy use. it means that I have actual energy use of the existing building that I want to create energy model and after doing some optimisation, in the calibration process, work with setpoint schedule did not meet expectations. but besides setpoint sch when I implement availability sch by Ironbug the final result adapted to the expected range.

but the procedure that Ironbug should implement post-process on OSM file in LBT version accure many problem and error. if you could solve this and add a official procedure for Ironbug, advanced HVAC modeling improves well.

@ehsan.anvary I was experiencing similar—the issue was ventilation (depending on your template, I was using DOAS VRF). I just included a ventilation on-off schedule that matched the setpoint schedule. (when i wanted AC to be unavailable my setpoint was 1000C and my ventilation schedule on/off was set to 0). Sounds like you solved your problem, but this might be useful for someone who doesn’t want to dive into Ironbug.


That’s exactly my recommendation for DOAS systems, @jgbrear . I added this new doas_avail_sch_ input in the latest development version of the plugin:

For all-air systems, you can stop the flow of ventilation air at a given timestep by applying a ventilation schedule with the “HB Apply Room Schedules” component:

Depending on the type of all air system, it may not shut off the fan completely but you at least won’t see any heating/cooling of outdoor ventilation air.


That’s a great update but still, we have a problem in creating a Proposed model with costume HVAC in a straightforward way to use Ironbug. that’s greater if we can use Ironbug easier in LBT.

If you’re willing to build everything from scratch in Ironbug, then you don’t need to worry about anything here. You can use Ironbug with the LBT plugin as you see here:

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