Building an EPW: Creating Normal Solar Radiation from a ASHRAE Revised Clear Sky Model (“Tau Model”)

@sg ,

Sorry for the late response. Glad that you were able to create the DataCollection objects and the issue that you experienced was a bug. I just pushed a fix to the Dragonfly repo:

… and I updated the hydra example file:

So, if you re-download the new hydra example and use the new “Create EPW” component, everything should work. Thank you for reporting the issue!

Hi Chris,

Is there any component similar to this Clear Sky Tau Model component but for cloudy sky?


The official answer to all of these types of Legacy questions is now “check what the LB Legacy Updater component says”.

In this case, it says to use the new LB Cumulative Sky Matrix component and get the Clear Sky Radiation from the LB Import STAT component.