Butterfly installation problem

Hi guys, I have followed the latest butterfly installation guidance (https://github.com/ladybug-tools/butterfly/wiki) to install blueCFD-Core and butterfly, but it still can’t work

Is anyone know what I should do?

A newer version is available and you need to update or download manually BF 0.0.05 from this.

Only latest version of Butterfly support and find the blueCFD and OpenFOAM for Windows

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Where did you install blueCFD? If you didn’t install in the default folder than you should change the folder in __init__.py fille.

It actually supports both. It tries to find blueCFD first and then falls back on OpenFOAM for Windows. Here is how it works:

When one imports butterfly library it open the config.yml file. By default the options for ofrunner are set to blueCFD and ESI:

Then it tries to find the full path to installation folder. To keep the scope of the search small I have hard-coded the expected parent path for each of this installers in __init__.py. This should probably moved to yml file to have them all together.


For Butterfly to find the new installation successfully:

  1. If you install the blueCFD in a different folder then you need to change the path inside __init__.py file.
  2. Do not rename the target installation folder. Butterfly finds the folder based on its name which should be started with the names in ofrunner options in .yml file.
  3. If you have the older version of Butterfly installed you must restart both Rhino and Grasshopper after the installation.

Finally you can check which solver is picked up by butterfly by trying the code below in a GHPython component. You should see blueCFD` if you have it installed and it is picked up by Butterfly successfully:

import butterfly
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Hi, Mostapha,

Thank you for the installation information.

I…accidentally closed my Solution command window, early this morning, just before it was almost done. : P

Anyway, Butterfly seems to be running on my other computer. If all goes well, I may make a very simple example case, and offer it at as another example.

I appreciate all of your and Wwyldckat effort. Thank you.

Thanks for your help, I just use default installation options for everything and I didn’t rename any folder

by the way, If we installed buleCFD, do we still need Oracle VM VirtualBox to run Butterfly? I suppose the reason why butterfly can’t work in my computer is related to Oracle VM VirtualBox
(when I didn’t open Oracle VM VirtualBox )
(when I open Oracle VM VirtualBox)

As I mentioned before, Update your Butterfly version to BF 0.0.05.

If you have the updated version of Butterfly (0.0.05): No need to install Oracle VM VirtualBox or OpenFOAM for Windows.

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See blueCFD-Core Installation Issue - #4 by mostapha :

Got it, thanks for your help😊

Got it, thanks for your help :blush:

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MostaphaRoudsari, could the installer have a path input box or file widget that points to the location of blueCFD-Core? (or whathaveyou alternative OpenFoam solution) ?

I think that when/if the pathlist and name blueCFD-Core xx.xxx is updated, and we should always be hopeful of updates, it would cause many help threads to be posted. :wink:

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Hi @BrendaEM, That is possible. We can have an input but right now Butterfly tries to find the installation every-time on load. If you install a newer version and remove the older version Butterfly should find the newer one. That said I agree that your solution is more mature but at this point I’m trying to spend as minimum amount of time as I can on Butterfly development until our current projects with Honeybee[+] is up and running. :slight_smile:

Oddly, I just though that it might save you some trouble.

Thanks you for the reply,

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Hi ,Mostapa,
I typed this code.

import butterfly

The final output is: ‘0 BlueCFD’
But when I open the case file, one of the components displays an error, is it because the grassopper version is too low?