Daylighting control via additional string in HB 1.1

Hi Guys,

I try to input daylighting control and reference point via additional string in HB1.1. But, I face errors like this when trying simulate the model. The errors are related to the input name

  1. ** Severe ** Line: 16672 Index: 19 - “DCRuangUtamaLT1” is not a valid Object Type.
  2. ** Severe ** Line: 16715 Index: 23 - “SensorRuangUtamaLT1” is not a valid Object Type.

Here are the additional strings I input (Figure below):

Can anyone help me about this?
cc: @chris

It looks like your IDF syntax is not correct, @sunarywend . I would make sure that what you have matches what you get out of the IDFEditor.

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Hi @chris

Thanks for your response

Basically I just copy-paste the syntax from notepad format of IDF file where I add daylighting control and reference point inputs. Also, I had read the input output reference to understand how to fill these inputs. But, I don’t have any clue where is the mistake. Do you think you need my gh file for you correcting it?

I suggest you check yourself with the idf editor, once you create the idf file with HB. You would see there the fields that don’t fit.
If it doesn’t work you can upload the GH file and/or the idf created with HB.

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Thanks @AbrahamYezioro for your idea

I have done your suggestion and I found another issue. Here I explain what I have done to fix this problem:

  1. I open the idf file and I found that the idf file produced by HB is the EnergyPlus 9.3 version whereas I open it using IDF editor from EnergyPlus 9.4. I tried to download EnergyPlus 9.3 but I couldn’t find it online (only 9.2 and previous versions in EnergyPlus website and github, which is strange). Meanwhile, I created additional strings for Daylighting control in E+ 9.4. I dont know whether this is the root problem -Whether E+ 9.3 and 9.4 produce different format of text string for Daylighting Control
  2. I found that the room (zone) name changes automatically in HB and I thought it was the root problem. So, I make sure I input the correct name of the zone in additional strings, but it still doesnt work (see the three figures below)

error add

error add1

  1. I run the idf file (via IDF Editor) using E+ 9.4 without adding Daylighting Control and it works without severe error (although the program give the warning about different version before the running)
  2. However, when I add input object for Daylighting control and Reference Set Point in IDF, it doesn’t work. It produces severe errors (Figure below).

Here is the input I add for Daylighting control object:

So, this problem might be caused by (1) incorrect input in Daylighting Control object or (2) Different version between E+ 9.3 and 9.4 which produces different format of syntax daylighting control. Now, I don’t have any idea anymore of how to fix this.

Besides, I also found that the zone name change again in idf (Fig below). I don’t know whether this might cause this issue.

Please let me know if you guys find incorrect input or anything that I can do to solve this

cc: @chris

If i’m not wrong LBT supports up to 9.3 so far. Not sure if there are such differences between 9.3 and 9.4 that they make the run to fail.
Can you upload the idf file @sunarywend?

in.idf (608.1 KB)

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro

That’s the file.

You are defining 10 control points, but only assigning one daylight reference points for them, like so:

I added the names of those with red X in the image. After doing that it run … with different errors. I want to think that this is an error and you intended to have only one point. If so, delete the last 9. If you did intend, you need to set the Fraction of Zone Controlled by each point in a way that the sum of all of the is 1. Right now it is 10. Hopefully after that you’ll get your simulation done.

I noticed too that the point is not inside the zone. It gives also a severe error. Long story short: Lot’s of things to fix.

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@sunarywend ,

You can hard-assign the EnergyPlus ID of the Honeybee object (like a room) like so:

So this will ensure the E+ Room ID always matched the hard-coded text in your additional string.

Alternatively, you can get the ID of the room using the “LB Label Rooms” component and write that into your additional string but I realize this will take a few more Grasshopper components.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro

You are right! I can fix the problem and run the simulation via idf editor succesfully without any sever errors.
However, when I copy the text to additional string for simulation in HB-Grasshopper, it still doesn’t work. Here are the sample of additional strings I made in HB, which is based on text srings from idf.file

In the the first figure, I input the zone name in accordance with the HB Zone Name while in the second fig, I copy the text string exactly the same from idf.file that run successfully.

So, the problem now is how to input this correctly in HB-GH via additional string. Please correct me if I was doing wrong.

I believe it is something related to the name identifier that LBT is assigning. I believe @chris can stress this better.
You can see his above response regarding this. Probably he understood before us what is going one here.
Next time, if you don’t mind’ please justify the text on the panels to the left. Will be much easier to read.