Dragonfly error

Hello, I am in trouble with dragonfly. can you please guide me?

I have these errors when I use UrbanOpt component.

  1. Solution exception:The URBANopt simulation failed to run.
    No results were found at:
    Top level ::CompositeIO is deprecated, require ‘multipart/post’ and use Multipart::Post::CompositeReadIO instead!
    Top level ::Parts is deprecated, require ‘multipart/post’ and use Multipart::Post::Parts instead!
    C:/URBANopt-cli-0.10.0/gems/ruby/2.7.0/gems/urbanopt-cli-0.10.0/lib/uo_cli.rb:25: warning: already initialized constant URBANopt::CLI::UrbanOptCLI::COMMAND_MAP
    C:/URBANopt-cli-0.10.0/gems/ruby/2.7.0/gems/urbanopt-cli-0.10.0/lib/uo_cli.rb:25: warning: previous definition of COMMAND_MAP was here
    Invalid command, please run uo --help for a list of available commands

Hi @HosseinAbdeyazdan ,

Sorry for the late response here. For future reference, if you post topics like this into the grasshopper:dragonfly category, I will see them much sooner.

It looks like the EnergyPlus simulation is not starting and URBANopt CLI is hitting some issue but the stderr output of the CLI does not contain the real error message. All of the outputs I can see there are just warnings and not the real error that is causing the failure.

Can you try deleting the project folder manually at:


Then, see if that fixes it. If not, please upload a Grasshopper file that recreates the issue and I will try to look at it on my end.

FYI, @HosseinAbdeyazdan ,

This appears to be the same error that was reported here:

If either of you are able to try the suggestions that I have listed here, we can hopefully get to the bottom of this.