Falsecolor HB-Radiance 1.3.0 vs HB-Legacy VER 0.0.66

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing okay.
If I define a falsecolor image with falsecolor HB-Radiance 1.3.0 I can’t mask with black color the pixels with values less than a predefined number in the input cell “maskThreshold” while with HB-Legacy FalseColor I can. Is there any way to achieve the same with the first component I mentioned?

Hi @Francesco661 ,

The LBT plugin uses the falsecolor utility that ships with Radiance rather than the falsecolor2 function that you had to install separately with Legacy. Unfortunately, the falsecolor utility that ships with Radiance does not have an option to mask values below a certain threshold. It’s possible that someone might eventually be able to implement this if you ask on the Radiance forum.

Otherwise, maybe we’ll add a way to run falsecolor2 from LBT if it’s found within the Radiance installation. This way, we could expose the masking option and maybe we’ll just raise an error if an mask value is specified but Falsecolor2 is not installed. This could also help address this issue here.

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Thank you @chris for the prompt reply.

Also see here for a cool workaround by @mikkel

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