gbXML import from Archicad - how to model shading?

Anyone knows how to properly model Archicad model so that Shading can be imported?
Another thing is that all the zones in the Archicad model are separated by wall thickness - cannot solve that either…

Hi @ae,

This model won’t give you satisfying results for sure.
I know with revit there are different options for exporting gbXML files.
When you choose the option: by rooms you will get two options:

  • Rooms

  • Analytical surfaces

If you choose analytical surfaces you will get a more useful energy model (hopefully).
I am not used to archicad, so I can’t predict if it will help you.

Another way could be the “live connection” between archicad and grasshopper. If you can get the “wall base/core lines” and the windows, you can easily build up your energy model in Grasshopper, by extracting a simple floorplan, extruding this to the right height, making window surfaces and adding them to the zones with the honeybee ad glazing component.

hi 3e,
Unfortunately there is no way for shading when u use Archicad…

hey, actually I found a workaround - as shading does not need to have any specifics like rooms in honeybee need - I just separately export it as .3dm file - not so automated but it works…

I’m facing the same issue with Archicad export of gbXML:

  1. Adjacent interior walls are treated as separate items
  2. Floors are exported as “Interior Walls” (this could be fixed manually in Ladybug Spider but clicking hundreds of floors by hand is not what I’d like to do.)
  3. No shading geometry export

This makes models from Archicad useless, am I right ?

The 1. I have been unable to solve. However for daylight it is ok. Not for energy I think
2. this does not happen to me. They export properly
3. I export shading separately as 3dm and link - this is fast