Green Facade simulation

hello, I am doing my thesis about the impact of green facades on thermal comfort and building energy consumption. but I couldn’t find the validated model for simulation in the honeybee. I know there is one for a green roof that @chris, posted. I am wondering if there is something like that for the green facade.
thank you

Hi @sareh,

In the green roof example, the greenroof is just a material with special properties. For running the energy simulation you can apply this material to facades. If the outcomes are technically correct you will have to study.The code of the calculation you can find here: Green roofs mostly get wettened by rain, green walls always need to be irrigated.


A discription you can find here on page 175

Applying green roofs to good insulated buildings has only very little effect on the energy consumption results of the simulation. If you include urban heating in your study, effects will be probably more noticeable.

thank you @Erikbeeren for your complete answer. By the way, is the result reliable if I wanna use green roof properties for the facade? I am asking because in Energy plus documentation I read that it could be used just for the horizontal layer.

That is a good question. You first have to understand how this greenroof is calculated.

There is more research done on this subject.
Perhaps you can find more information here.

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thank you a lot. for sure it helps and leads me. as you mentioned I prefer to work on the impact of thermal comfort and the outdoor you recommend Envi-met or ladybug- honey bee?

I only used Dragonfly_Legacy for generating epw files in which the urban conditions are taken into account.
With this new EPW file I did the energy simulation in Honeybee.
That worked fine.


I could not say if envimet is more suited for these sort of simulations.
The new Dragonfly is quite different, I have not used it yet. When You download the new Ladybug Tools you wil find a folder with samples.
In the dragonfly folder you can find some examples.

I appreciate you for explaining everything to me in detail. thanks a lot.

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