Guide to Using SunPath For Ladybug 1.0.0?

Hi, I’ve used ladybug previously for sunpath analyses and radiation analyses but now that it’s updated I don’t understand all the changes to how the data is displayed. With the sunpath analysis, I specifically want to know how I can get legend displayed, how to get the physical sun spheres displayed and also what the data input requires, as I’m not sure I’d really appreciate a tutorial or a guide for this new version of sun path analyses in Ladybug tools. The image below is what my script currently looks like, if someone could explain what else I need, that’d be greatly appreciated!

Hi @CDiGiantomasso ,

Here is how to color the sun positions with hourly (or sub hourly data): (24.0 KB)

You’ll see that the conditional statements can be applied and you can connect up multiple data streams just like you would with legacy:

There’s also the added bonus now that you can connect up multiple legend parameters if you want to customize the legend for each data set displayed on the sunpath.

I’ll be putting together a free tutorial videos series soon on this.

Also, you’ll see that we are using colored points to display the data on the sunpath now, which greatly improves the speed but, if you miss the meshed spheres of Legacy, you can always create them yourself like so:

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Oh perfect! Thank you very much!

Hi @chris,

I’m using the version 1.0.0 currently (as the new version is still not working for me properly), and I’ve noticed that the sunpath component ‘north’ and the energy simulation ‘north’ seem to function inversely to one another. I typically use the sunpath to double check that I am placing north in the right direction, but the solar gains are the opposite to what I would expect.

As I am not using the latest, this may have already been fixed - but thought I would just make this note incase it has been carried over. IF I am meant to use the norths differently for these components, could I please put in a request to make it so that you could use the same input for both for consistency?


Thanks for letting us know, @ElzineBraasch . It’s a bug in the pathway that interprets the North into OpenStudio. I’ll aim to push a fix to the development version of the plugin ASAP.

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I just merged a fix and it should be in the development version in a few hours:

It looks like this resulted from incorrect information in the EnergyPlus documentation here:

Those docs say “clockwise is positive” but we can very clearly see that positive values rotate the north counterclockwise.

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