HB UTCI outdoor grid wind

Hello @chris ,
The HB UTCI remark says that for outdoor grid, the wind speed from weather file will be used; and I verified it by plugging in different wind speed - which doesn’t alter the resultant UTCI.
However, in your paper https://www.ladybug.tools/assets/pdf/BS2017_260.pdf you found 0.5C difference caused by local wind conditions. I also want to account for the local wind conditions (from CFD simulation, or a “worst case” scenario of very low wind), how can I overwrite the default wind speed?
A related question: if the space of interest is effectively an outdoor space with a huge canopy, but because of high air temperature and RH, spot cooling is required to lower the air temperature in order to bring down the UTCI within <32C range. In this case, I’m replacing weather file air temperature with a controlled temperature, is the UTCI model still applicable? Would it be more appropriate to use another metric like SET* temperature? Refer to Nakano’s paper: Frontiers | Thermal Adaptation and Comfort Zones in Urban Semi-Outdoor Environments | Built Environment (frontiersin.org)

Are you using the latest LBT UTCI Comfort Map component that you can get by running the LB Versioner component? That one has the capability of accepting a folder with CSVs of hourly air speeds for each sensor in the model sensor grids. See here for more information:

I would only consider using a model like SET if you know exactly what clothing and metabolic rate the people will have. If not, then UTCI is probably still a better model for your case here.


Thank you Chris! I used LB Versioner and the latest version HB UTCI 1.4.3 accepts wind speed overwrite.

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