Honeybee SystemError Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel


HI, @hdimor.mr
I’ve faced the same problem. Now it is working smoothly. Thanks.


Hi, I tried to reinstall HB and Ladybug from food4rhino for v0.0.63 and 0.0.66 respectively per the instruction above. Honeybee still gives me these 2 errors:

    1. Failed to download the files needed to run EnergyPlus with OpenStudio 2.x.
      SystemError(‘The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.’,)
    1. Failed to download the files needed to PostProcess EnergyPlus results with OpenStudio 2.x.
      SystemError(‘An exception occurred during a WebClient request.’,)

What files is it looking for?
If i save the files manually, which folder should i use?



@inkmug, You can Download LB & HB update fixed sample file from here:

P.S. So, you don’t need to download Honeybee master.zip (resource folder_EPRunFiles) and put them manually.


Thanks @OmidmRashid, I tried that but it still gives me this error for Honeybee.


I think in my previous post, my HB is updated, just missing some file path to some openstudio files. Is there a way to know which file and which file path?


Check post #7 and post #8


yes, this fixed the issue. Thanks!