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Hello. I have a question regarding the customization of HVAC system by useing HB HVAC components. I need to change some values base on my case study for example mass flow rate or efficiencies. First one of all, I tried to work with ironbug but it had a lot of difficulties for me so I gave up working with ironbug but now I need to know how can I change HB-HVAC component by python script. Could you please show me the way? Thanks a lot


Hi @Yasaman_jenab ,

For the templated HVAC systems that come with LBT Honeybee, I can assure you that everything that is exposed on the Honeybee SDK layer is already exposed on the component inputs. Those templated systems are meant to be simple and fool-proof so there’s not a whole lot that can be customized on them while working Honeybee.

However, if you really wanted to go with a scripting route, you can write an OpenStudio measure in Ruby using the OpenStudio SDK. In OpenStudio, you can customize whatever details of the system that you want since it’s a full SDK for HVAC systems. You can apply the measure to the Honeybee model using the HB Load Measure component and then plug that into the measures_ input of the HB Model To OSM component.

… or you can just learn Ironbug. @MingboPeng has some good tutorials and here is how you apply an IronBug HVAC to a LBT Honeybee model:

@MingboPeng this seemed like the most topical thread to ask this:
is IronBug the most up to date? Finally getting back to being able to work with IB so I’m just wanting to make sure I’ve got everything up to date with the most current.

Nevermind! Remembered your linkedin post: traced back here:

Hi @TrevorFedyna sorry for confusion. I am too busy to maintain the release of Ironbug, but I will try my best to work on it in next a few weeks.


No worries! I went through the git and compared branches; and made a fork.
Currently working on adding Coil:UserDefined

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