Ironbug to DF: 1. Solution exception:'str' object has no attribute 'ToJson'

Hi @MingboPeng. I am trying to use IB to DF for the first time in a workflow. I loaded in my DF model to a DF detailed HVAC component, selected the GSHP_centralloops idf, input the path on a panel and got this error:

1. Solution exception:'str' object has no attribute 'ToJson'

This seems like it is referring to the string for the .idf

Do you have any advice on that?

I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work. @chris should be able to help

Watch the Ironbug tutorials, @Geo_curious

And search the forum for related posts like this one:

You’re connecting the output message to the DF Detailed HVAC, which, as Mostapha says, is not how it’s supposed to work.

Thank you for pointing this out. I will have a look.

@MingboPeng I am still a little bit lost on how to get the correct HB rooms from DF into the airloop components. Do you have a flow diagram example for this? DF buildings–>HB Rooms -->Airloop Then HVACSystem–> DF Detailed HVAC ?

For example:


I also tried it with a deconstruction of the DF.

But I still get the error:

1. None of the connected Rooms are referenced under the Ironbug HVAC system.
Make sure that the system has been set up with the correct Rooms.
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For others looking for an answer on this, I think I have it sorted. See the image.