Issue: You are not connected to the internet and you do not have the weather files

What is the URL of the weather file that you are trying to download? It’s possible that it might be an old URL that no longer exists (the US Dept of Energy moved the EPW database location a year and a half ago). With this last release of Ladybug, we stopped supporting the auto-updating of these old URLs to the new DoE database in the Open EPW and STAT component. We did this to try and get everyone using the new URLs.
Check if you can download the URL manually and ,if you can, then we’ll start investigating other possible explanations.

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately no. We are using updated links. The same GH file works fine on my machine, but hers is not allowing the download.

I know it is weird and probably hard to catch. I tried some things, as mentioned above without success.

I’ll ask her to upload the file to the discussion, just to be sure (but i’m sure now).




Run the attached GH file on her machine and post the error here. Then, we will at least be able to see what exactly is going wrong and, hopefully, we’ll have some ideas of how to fix it.

-Chris (363 KB)

Thanks Chris,

I get an email from her this morning saying that the issue has been solved. Turn to be that the Firewall setting in her machine were blocking the download option. Now she changed the settings and the component is working fine.

I recall seeing this in a different thread. We nned to remember better next time.

Thanks again for your help.


Ahhh. That makes sense. Yes, we should add a warning to check the firewall in the message that the component gives. I’ll add this soon.



If you don’t mind checking this issue and the component will be perfect.



This component was perfectly working but now I am having this same exact problem and this is what I am getting.

Annotation 2021-05-30 175344

Please I need your help.


I encountered the same problem, the Open EPW component can’t download the weather file automatically.

@Nevermore website is not available now. Please use another source.You can follow the issue.

I get it. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for your information, so that’s the only problem and there are no worries??

I am receiving errors when working on Honeybee export to openstudio and things like that, is it due to the same problem ?

@Mohammad.ElGhandour - I am unsure what your query is about. This is the only problem I am encountering with Ladybug Tools 1.2. And it is not a problem with the Tools, but with the NREL Weather file server going down. I was merely checking that others were having this problem in a forum where I knew people were regularly using the download function. of course, the function that runs open studio will drop an error related to the unavailability of the weather file, if the weather file is, in fact, unavailable. A nice feature of 1.2 that I noticed was that if the script had run previously, the weather file was available in any directory set up for that analysis.

Many thanks for your information.
I am using legacy Ladybug68 and honeybee65, as I have my school exam in them.

In fact my problem is that even after I downloaded the epw file on my computer I receive an error when I run the Honeybee_Export to openstudio component.

This is exactly what I get
"1. Solution exception:The type initializer for ‘OpenStudio.OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE’ threw an exception."

So is that due to the servers unavailability or due to something else?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

Please create a new issue for this question.

As @minggangyin states, this has nothing to do with the non-availability online of weather files from the US government web site. However, I would suggest that you search the discourse discussion for the error message you posted. This for me turned up the very useful ending at Export to OPENSTUDIO error "ModelCorePINVOKE" - #43 by chris

There is more than enough information there to determine what might be special about your installation. I suspect that the lessons we have all learned about relative compatibility of each version of ladybug tools with each version of open Studio or Radiance apply equally to Ladybug Legacy tools as to the current distribution. 1.4 Compatibility Matrix · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub

Many thanks, I downloaded the older compatible versions and it worked, thank you !!

Good news … That compatibility matrix is solving a bunch of issues for us as well. Thanks @mostapha and @chris and the team…


I want to ask considering this point again. Could I have different versions of open studio and radiance and ladybug running on the same computer? For instance could I install Rhino 6 & 7 and install different versions of plugins separately for each?

I have open studio 2.9.1 on Rhino 6 and all ladybug and honeybee compatible software with it. I need to use Dragonfly now and I need to install another version ladybug, that’s why I was asking… is there a way to solve this issue?


Personally, I’d try to avoid these kinds of complications. I know, for example, with my 300+ person first year class making sure that everyone was using teh same LBT version and had the relevant Calculators (Radiance etc) smoothed out most issues / errrors. No matter how well I understood my OS I would really try to avoid mixing media in this way. I have for example been trying desperately to stop Mac users from opening a grasshopper Radiation study script by double clicking the script name when they already have a 3D model open in Rhino! Even something as simple as two copies of Rhino running is mind bending in terms of which gh script is operating on the geometry.

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