Issue: You are not connected to the internet and you do not have the weather files

I want to ask considering this point again. Could I have different versions of open studio and radiance and ladybug running on the same computer? For instance could I install Rhino 6 & 7 and install different versions of plugins separately for each?

I have open studio 2.9.1 on Rhino 6 and all ladybug and honeybee compatible software with it. I need to use Dragonfly now and I need to install another version ladybug, that’s why I was asking… is there a way to solve this issue?


Personally, I’d try to avoid these kinds of complications. I know, for example, with my 300+ person first year class making sure that everyone was using teh same LBT version and had the relevant Calculators (Radiance etc) smoothed out most issues / errrors. No matter how well I understood my OS I would really try to avoid mixing media in this way. I have for example been trying desperately to stop Mac users from opening a grasshopper Radiation study script by double clicking the script name when they already have a 3D model open in Rhino! Even something as simple as two copies of Rhino running is mind bending in terms of which gh script is operating on the geometry.

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