Ladybug 0.0.54 & Honeybee 0.0.50 Release


Hi Mostapha,

Honeybee & Ladybug are great tools! I have already installed DIVA in my system and was wandering if I can avoid the installation of DAYSIM, RADIANCE, E+ etc. that are required by linking the paths with the ones from DIVA.

Please let me know asap.



Hi Panagiotis. You still need to install them on your system. -Mostapha


Thanks a lot, it makes sense!

Another question related to Honeybee:

a) Will the energy simulation components allow multi-zone analysis?

b) Will the analysis go through E+ and therefore require its intallation?

c) When should we expect a release that includes energy components?

Best, P


a) yes. b) yes c) it will be part of the official package soon. you can also download WIP version from github if you need them sooner.



Is the latest version of E+ (8.1) needed for the energy components?

p.s. I sent an email in the gmail address, would appreciate if you could find some time to get back


Yes. Will read your email and reply during the weekend. Thanks.


please help…I am getting an error while trying to use the glare analysis component (Solution exception:invalid literal for float(): open)…