LB Wind Speeds Datum


i have a query re wind speeds.

a) Wind Boundary Profile: Wind Speeds @ various height. What is the datum i.e. 0.0, is it the sea level?

b) Outdoor Comfort Model: It considers wind speed @ 10.0 meters. However, in windy countries like NZ, discomforting winds (approx 14m/s) winds blow at ground level. Hoe do we take that into consideration in our Outdoor Comfort Model?

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For question a, the datum is the local ground level.
For question b, you can use ladybug wind profile compotent to calculate the pedestrian speed.

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Hi Mingyang,

thank you for your response. Some cities are built on a hill. There could be significant height difference b/w high and low point of a road, as a result affecting the comfort due to wind. How do we tackle that?