Massing Solar Benefit Study (tools v legacy)

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the sample file “Massing_Solar_Benefit_Study” that is included with the ladybug download. I would like to know how I can modify this file to visualise the radiation’s impact on different massing geometries, similar to the example file available on hydra.

Also, I would appreciate some clarification on the term “building balance point” used in the sample file. In the context of helpful or harmful conditions, does this refer to the temperature at which radiation becomes harmful, so the lowest comfortable temperature? or is it the heating or cooling setpoint?

Thank you for any insights you can provide! :slight_smile:

Example file:

Hydra (ladybug legacy):

Below is my attempt at it, it is red all around and no matter what I do, it stays red.

Have you seen this?

Also, the LBT 1.6 plugin has a dedicated component for producing radiation benefit skies called LB Benefit Sky Matrix. You can see that the component description of the bal_temp and the bal_ofset give a pretty good answer to your question.