Microclimatic map of a single zone in a multi-zone floor

Hi, I did an energy simulation on a 3 zone floor. I would like to create a microclimatic map for only one of these zone. Some advice? Thanks.

1006_MicroclimateMap.gh (729.3 KB)

Just plug the one zone you are interested in into the view factor component and everything should work as the microclimate maps normally do.

Fantastic! Thanks @chris !
Unfortunately, however, the microclimatic map is not correct.

I believe the reason is what I read in the “readMe” output of the MicroclimateMap component:
“Surface temperature for Surface: - not found in the EP results”

I saw that the only forum topic with this question was not resolved.

How could I go about fixing it? Thanks.
1007_Microclimate_Map_Forum.gh (788.8 KB)