Multiple floors modeling in HB

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

I have some news that I think will make you happy. The HB Intersect Solids component now supports the input and output of Honeybee Rooms instead of just raw Breps. I put together a working version of your script that follows the original workflow that you were hoping to use to build this model: (91.4 KB)

And you can see that the latest “Intersect Solids” component actually changed the name of the input to be _rooms:

The old workflow with Breps is still supported by the component and I would probably still recommend using it when you can just because I’m sure we’ll find some issues with the new Room intersection capability when we apply it to complex models with hundreds of Rooms. But you can see that it works really well for your case here.

If you want to thank someone for making this possible in a way sooner timeframe that I would have ever dreamed of, you can Star the repo of this open source project that provided an incredibly good starting point for us:

This translation of that library to Python was also a big help:


Hi @chris,
Made me happy … :slight_smile: This is great and love the workflow.
Already starred the 2 references.

Thanks as always,