Radiation Self-Shading Oddity in runDaylightAnalysis

Hi all,

I was running a radiation studies for a project in Phoenix when I came across this oddity. When creating the context, I used a merge node to easily add/remove/change my geometry. What I noticed was that the order of inputs affected the accuracy of the results, most notably, the self-shading.

With either option (Option 1 or Option 2), if you have the option geometry connected 2nd and context geometry connected 3rd in the merge node, the geometry accurately self-shades. However, if option geometry is 3rd and context geometry is 2nd, then the geometry doesn’t accurately self-shade.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I assume it has to do with how radiance is reading the geometry.

HeatMapperOddity.gh (1.5 MB)

I could not re-create the behaviour you mention. If you could provide a minimal version of your file with only relevant geometry, people will look into it.

Here’s the Rhino model, as I’m still running into this issue.

CentralStation_MassingStudies.3dm (5.2 MB)

I tried with a simple geometry of my own. I changed the order of analysis geometry and the context. I found the same result. Both the results are saved as coloured meshes in the attached file. Radiation.gh (530.6 KB)