Reflectance of Shading Surfaces in EnergyPlus

Can you please share whether the files shared by Mostapha and Rania Labib worked at your end?

@vijesh, sorry it’s been a while that I can’t remember if I was able to solve this problem or not :see_no_evil:

Okey! Thats strange.

@devang: The joke is that, I wasn’t able to download the files that @mostapha shared, but I got @RaniaLabib file. I figured out how to do it. I will be doing it with EP only. The option is directly available in material creation for EP. I also found green roof file in Hydra a method how to input the values. Am yet to check my results. Thanks.

@vijesh and @devang you can download Mostapha’s file from the old forum

Thank you very much. But unfortunately am not able to download. It is showing an error.

Hi - that works fine here.
See if this direct link works for you: