Rhino 6 and Honeybee Intersect masses issue



@chris, Yes, I’m using (6.4.18114.15591, 04/24/2018) most recent Rhino 6 version.
I’m using 0.00001 in Both Rhino 6 and RH 5 tolerance. when I change the tolerance and recompute GH it doesn’t affect anything.


I can’t recreate the issue on my machine. I’m using version 6.3.18090.471, though. When I check for updates, it’s telling me that this version of Rhino is up-to-date. Is this version of Rhino that you are using an experimental build or a “service release candidate”? If so, it seems that Rhino might have introduced a bug into their experimental version and they will hopefully fix it before doing another stable service release.

I agree that the tolerance does not seem to be changing it on my end either.


@chris, Yes It is service release candidate I updated from that.
If you replace your own version instead of my version on the end of the link you can see the new update available.


@hdimor.mr ,
To clarify my previous post, I recommend NOT using the experimental version of Rhino if you need something that is bug-free. The issue that you are experiencing is a result of a bug that McNeel has accidentally introduced in the experimental version of Rhino, which should be fixed before they do the next stable release of Rhino.


I apologize that I didn’t understand it correctly. Thank you so much! and Thank you for your great patience.
As your recommendation, I switch to the stable release version like you, and all buildings are being intersected correctly.

best wishes.


Thank you very much Chris! I had the same issue and this update fixed it.