Shadingsystem in Honeybee

Hi Everybody!

I’m curently working on a shading device, adapted in front of a Testroom.

The problem is, everytime i connect the optimized Shading Geometry to the createHBSrfs component, it says i should flip the surface manually. but no matter in which direction i flip the panels it shows always the same errormessage.

Maybe someone has an idea on how to solve this Problem.

Many thanks in advance!


can you share your file ?

Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, i attached it (473 KB)

It is working fine on my end. Maybe just update your honeybee other than this it looks fine and these are fine.

Hi Christian and Mohemed,

Christian, That is just a warning and not an error. You can just run the analysis and it will work fine. I agree that it is a misleading warning though. We will make sure to remove it for the next update.


Hi Mostapha and mohamed,

Thank you for your quick answers!

I updated the Version, now theres another Problem. As long as i don’t plug in the Shadingsystem it works fine, but when i do it says “All of your HBSrf must make a closed Volume”.

I tagged it with “Outdoors” and the SurfaceType is set to “Shading” so it should not be seen as part of the closed Volume.

I attached the new File. Maybe someone has an Idea



For energy models, Shadings are not part of the zone. Use EP_ContextSurface component to create HBContext and connect it to HBContext input. If you’re running a daylighting simulation then connect the surfaces to HBObjects directly.


Hi Mostapha,

The HBContext component says: “1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Faces’” But there are only lofted surfaces connected, and i couldn’t find a solution to fix it.

Do you have an Idea?

many thanks in advance!


Hi Christian,

The script works fine on my machine. Maybe you want to use Clean Tree component to make sure there in no null value in surface input.

Also I suggest to use the newer EPContext surface. There has been modifications and the new one does a much better job in keeping the number of surfaces low.



With the updated component it works fine.

Many thanks!

Best regards