Simulating electric lighting in LBT using .ies files

Updating all the computers ASAP, thanks for keeping all this open to the world!
@Chris Will there be any new news for implementing back in IES files? Or is the practice still to best be using the Legacy along side the new 1.3.0 version, thanks again for all the work going into this!

There’s no reason to go back to Legacy for any import/export functionality as the LBT translators are currently much more robust than Legacy. What do you mean by “implementing back in IES files”?

My apologies for not being clearer, IES files as in the custom lamps for interior lighting as additional radiance parameters with the custom lamp node. Thanks for the fast reply!

Hey @Alexwickes ,

I hope you don’t mind that I moved this to a new topic. When you posted the question on the release notes, it wasn’t clear if you were talking about integration with IES VE via the new gbXML export/import or electric lighting via the Illumination Engineer’s Society definition for electric lights (.ies files). Now that I know it’s the latter, I can confirm that this is essentially the only Legacy Honeybee Radiance feature that is not in LBT version 1.3.

We are definitely committed to adding it in, though. I can probably add it sometime before the next stable release in a few months. Can you confirm that it’s just for the Point-In-Time recipes that you need the luminaires implemented?

If that’s true, implementation should be pretty straightforward.

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Thanks Chris that would be truly amazing! That is correct on the Point In Time Node (Grid Based in Legacy for static hourly times). It has proven to be an extremely useful tool for situations in renovations and new construction, for both interior and exterior environments, where the balance of natural and artificial light is needed! Amazing tools and always looking forward to a new update! Would there happen to be a spot to check back to for updates in between the releases? Thanks again!

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Thanks for the kind words, @Alexwickes !

I opened up an issue for adding Luminaires into the core libraries and another one for exposing Luminaires on the Grasshopper components. So you will know when this features has been exposed on the development version of the plugin when both those issues are closed.

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Awesome! Will keep an eye out!

@chris thank you for this info on development. I think its really an important tool for us to simulate artificial lighting and also for code compliance for artificial lighting in India. Hope we get it soon. :+1:

Any news on this Chris?
In same push, it could be nice to include the black sky for the pure artificial lighting renders.
Unless it can be done with the illuminance-sky and set the illuminance to 0? :slight_smile:

A black sky is already easy to do via the [HB Certain Illuminance](Certain Illuminance - HB-Radiance Primer sky). Just plug in a value of zero.

FYI, I think you’ll probably first see this workaround implemented before we get around to full-fledged support for luminaires: