Simulation of Solar traking shading devices (Integrated with PV)

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I am trying to simulate a model of dual axis solar tracking shading device (integrated with PV) to calculate the amount of electricity produced from the PV also the shading performance of the tracking shading devices. The idea is illustrated in the attached figure. I have used OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin to model the building and simulate the energy performance of the building using OpenStudio software, but now I need to model and simulate this tracking system, is it possible to perform this in honeybee or OpenStudio? This is not a static system as you know and it should be responding to the Sun’s movement during the simulation runtime period.

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It is possible to do this in EnergyPlus/OpenStudio and, to do this with Honeybee, you would either need to add additionaStrings_ to the OpenStudio component that add in solar panels to the IDF OR add the panels manually in the OpenStudio Interface. Alternatively, you could search for an OpenStudio measure that adds PV and apply the measure to the model in the OpenStudio interface.

All of this said, you might be able to get the most control over the input variables by using the Ladybug Renewables components to model the PV separately from the full-building energy model. If Djordje Spasic is around on the forums (he’s the author of the components), he can probably show how to model the tracking system that you have in mind.


Also see this discussion:…

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Thanks @Mostapha,

I looked at the discussion and it is helpful.

However, as I explained in the previous reply, I need your help to answer my question and getting the result that I am looking for. Can you please read it and look at the figures?