Solar Fan & Solar Envelope Release



Hi Saeran

The component you sent through says ver 0.0.62 (Mar_17_2016). The github one is ver 0.0.62 (jun_07_2016). Is this correct? If so can you update the github component pls.

Also can the month range be modified to just take a standard Ladybug analysis period? The month range is a bit misleading because it is preset to the 21st of leach month.

I still don’t think it is what i am after. The required hours should be 2. But the analysis period should be between 9am-3pm. At the moment, If I use 2 hrs for the required hours it will take it from 11am-1pm correct?


I’ve also been testing the main SolarEnvelope component (so not the basic one). It appears it doesn’t like mm. If I scale down the geometry, height and grid size to meters it works. But scaling all of them up doesn’t. Is this a known issue?



The two versions of the components are the same. The only reason why the jun_07_2016 version was added was that I noticed Saeran had put his new components into a different tab in the ladybug bar. Sorry if this created any confusion and, in the future, if you are ever curious about what change was made with each version of the component you can check the history of the source code on the github like so:…



Hi all,

Found this thread as I was working on a relevant gh definition (see attached gh file). I noticed some discrepancies between the geometry generated by the solar fan component and the geometry generated by extrusions of surface breps along solar vectors.

Below is the fan generated with brep extrusions. Fast solution but I often get a ‘hedgehog’ solar envelope in complex geometries than a smoother surface.

This is the solar fan component result for the same surface. Notice the space left:

If I reduce the height of the surface from 100 to, lets say 12m I get a lower fan boundary that is closer to the simple extrusion solution, but the generated fan geometry is thin and creates a tunnel instead of an opening when subtracted from other volumes (that was the reason for setting the height to 100m in the first place):

Shouldn’t the lower boundary of the solar fan be the same regardless of brep surface height? Hope you can help me out with this.

-Aris (524 KB)