Surface Outdoor Temperatures - RoofVegetation (Grass) EP construction not affected by context shade?

Hi All,

I have read through the posts on here about using the RoofVegetation (Grass) EP construction and have input those values into a simulation with outdoor surface temperatures as the output. This is a simple test comparing asphalt, concrete and grass.

Disregarding the discrepancies between the anticipated temperature differences of the materials and those generated by the simulation - a seemingly stranger issue seems to be that the RoofVegetation (Grass) is seemingly unaffected by context shade.

Is this a known issue, or is there an issue with my script?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Green Roof no (915.5 KB)

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This is an interesting finding, @Adam but it seems like it’s more a question for the EnergyPlus gurus and developers. It seems possible that the roof vegetation material isn’t affected by the E+ shadow calculation. Or maybe this issue is that you only included the vegetation layer and did not include a soil layer below it.

If the soil layer doesn’t fix it, it’s worth taking read through the description of the material in the EnergyPlus Input/Output reference:

And if that doesn’t yield any explanations, you should post the question to unmethours where the E+ gurus and developers are:

Thanks for the reply and suggestions Chris. I went ahead and tried adding a soil layer (MoistSoilForGround) under the vegetation layer. Unfortunately that didn’t fix it.

I’ll post to unmethours and see if I have any luck there. I will report any information back here for future reference.

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