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Hi Chris,

I´m rejoining this old topic since I´m struggling with geometry definition in GH for THERM over and over again. We´re using it to simulate heat flux through complex wall geometries. To do so, we already tried many different ways to automatically generate / manipulate geometries, sometimes it works sometimes not. And still we couldn´t figure out, a systematic way to get it running - at least for most of the geometries.

Attached there is a typical geometry, where we ended up transforming surfaces into meshes before creating THERM polygons - which works more or less - but then still the boundary conditions can´t be set correctly. And when opening it in THERM, we can´t get it running either.

Anybody with some experiences on that or some ideas, how the geometry has to be manipulated and what are the relevant things to take care of?

I would be very thankful for any kind of response / feedback / help!

Best, David (635.0 KB)
THERMTestPattern.thmx (609.7 KB)

The Legacy THERM components are not very reliable, especially when it comes to things like geometries with holes. If I get the chance to write a version of this for the LB plugin, it will not have these limitations, though this is not a high priority given that THERM is still closed source and no one has been interested enough in hiring us to develop a new and improved interface.

It’s probably also worth noting that the THERM meshing algorithm has some serious limitations, which make it incapable of simulating certain detailed geometries. So trying to simplify the polygons as much as possible will likely prove helpful.

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Dear Chris,

I appreciate your prompt response and the clarification regarding the technical constraints. We will certainly make an effort to minimize the polygon count in our project.

As we are utilizing the legacy version due to its compatibility with our previous simulations, I understand from your answer that creating a THERM connection with the current LB version will not work for the reasons you’ve mentioned. Do I understand so correct or would there be any alternative or a specific version that would allow us to achieve this. Please let us know if you can tell a possibility, and if so which version numbers we could consider.

Best regards,