Unable to open any GH files

Hello friends…

I have a concerning problem. I am unable to open any of my GH files. I was working on a ladybug/honeybee project on Friday. Something to note that may or may not be relevant - I did update to LB 1.2.0 on Friday. After a long week of not turning off my PC, I installed all Windows updates and turned off my computer over the weekend. Today when I open Rhino, and try to open my GH file I was working on last Friday, Rhino completely crashes, with no error message. I can’t seem to open any of my GH files, even the ones that have the old components that haven’t been updated to LB 1.2.0. I have never run into this problem before, so I have no idea what to do at this point. All the GH files I have contain LB components so I can’t tell if it’s a LB tools issue or a grasshopper issue or maybe a Windows update issue (??). ANY advice is welcome. Thanks!

Some more information: When I open a new GH file, I can put new LB components on the canvas but if I try to place a HB component, it crashes the program completely. (No error message.) I have a call with my IT dept tomorrow - so any input on why the LB components work but the HB components don’t would be appreciated (certain folders or files the HB components use that the LB components don’t use?). Thank you.

Hi @MariaGrimm, it sounds like the problem with UUID library or Antiviruses which has been discussed before. See here as a starter:

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Thanks @mostapha! I missed this post when I was searching through the forums yesterday. Sure enough, the antivirus software SentinelOne updated on Friday… and when I disable it, everything works. I appreciate your quick response this morning to help me diagnose the problem. Have a nice day.

Hi @MariaGrimm, of course and thank you for documenting the reason here. If you ever heard from your IT or SentinelOne team what is the reason it will be really valuable for us to know. Thanks.

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