UWG not working with Morphed Future projection (2050) data without precipitation or specific humidity

Hi wonderful people of the bug community,

I am using a morphed future projection epw data to connect to the UWG component. The morphed data does not contain Precipitation or Specific Humidity. When I connect the morphed data file to UWG component, it throws the Index Out of Range error. I traced it back to the source file weather.py (line 55) and uwg.py where the error directed to value assignments for Precipitation and Specific Humidity. Is it possible for the UWG to run without those two columns in the epw files? Or, this is a long shot, if anyone knows how to morph data with precipitation and humidity for future projects using CCWorldWeatherGenerator?


If you can add some dummy values to those two columns, UWG will run fine, and won’t change the results. The original UWG model incorporated the latent heat impact from precipitation in it’s heat balance, but was later remove due to its difficulty in validation, the poor quality precipitation data from weather sensors, and (it was assumed) the marginal impact it has on heat island outcome.

The absolute humidity is internally derived in UWG based on the relative humidity, temperature and air pressure, so should also have no impact.


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Thank you! Problem solved!