Weather files and DDY files

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

I have managed to get all 3 of the solutions implemented in the most recent version. You should be able to get the updated Grasshopper components with the “LB Versioner” component.

You can run the simulation to completion with any of the Israel EPWs but it will give you an orange component if you haven’t generated the DDY yourself. Here is how you can get the orange component to go away and also get a DDY file that you can import in order to understand the result of the auto-generation of the design days:

FYI, I read through the relevant pages in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals in order to make sure that I generated the .ddy as accurately as I could and I found that they have a really nice graphic that explains the error associated with only using one or a few years to generate DDYs instead of the usual 30 years used to make DDYs distributed with the EPWs:
You can see that my initial estimate of 1-4 degrees C error was pretty close to what ASHRAE found across several climates.