Wired thing in Rhino6 with Ladybug

Hi everyone
I found a really wired thing in Rhino6 when I use Ladybug, the result didn’t show(mesh) in rhino6 but when I did same thing in rhino5,it works.I put some picture to show I promble . dose it a bug in Rhino6? or I missed some things?

this is in rhino6(it dosen’t show compelet mesh)

this is in rhino5(it works well)

See this: Black geometry in GH

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thank your OmidmRashidi !

We have established that these are 2 different issues and I will use this thread to continue looking into the clipping problem.

The issue.gh file that was posted here, exhibits a clipping problem on my system:

At a shallow angle, the mesh looks fine:

but at increasingly steep angles, the tops are increasingly more clipped:


Grasshopper, however, tells that the mesh delivered by the Ladybug_3D Chart component is invalid.


  • Can somebody provide a simple definition that shows a clipping problem on a valid mesh?
  • @mostapha, is there anything that can be done to output a valid mesh from that component?


We can look into it and see what’s going on. Do you know why is this an Invalid Mesh in Rhino 6 and not Rhino 5?

cc: @chris

No. Can you confirm that GH doesn’t tag this mesh as invalid in RH5/GH0.9.x? I would do that myself but I cannot get LB to run in my RH5 installation at the moment. Note that there also is the possibility that the mesh is invalid in RH5 as well but that RH5 is more sloppy. I really don’t know at this point. Pretty much nothing is the same between RH5 and 6 when it comes to display.

If you can get a stand-alone python script to produce this mesh, I can get David and / or Giulio to take a look at it.

It is a valid mesh in Rhino 5.

Interestingly enough when I internalized the mesh from Rhino 5 and opened it in Rhino 6 it is a valid Mesh! Here is the file: mesh_Rhino_5_vs_6.gh (278.6 KB)

Thanks for that, @mostapha!
I also see that this mesh doesn’t cause the clipping problem.

Just for the sake of completeness, do you know if you have encountered the clipping problem with a mesh that was valid in RH6? If you haven’t, at least we can conclude that it’s the invalid state of the mesh (in RH6) that causes the clipping issue.

Not that I remember but I also haven’t spend a lot of time working in Rhino 6. We still teach most of the workshops in Rhino 5.

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Wanted to chime in to say I’m also getting the clipping issues for the 3D Chart component at different times in R6, however it always generates the invalid mesh issue for me. To limited success I was able to convert the mesh to something no longer invalid, but this is not always the case.

This invalid mesh also prevents baking the data without confirming on the bake invalid geometry menu. The big issue I can’t seem to efficiently work around is the bake invalid menu stopped showing up regularly and hence baking or even completing the script fails with expired component errors. This is all relatively normal in the Grasshopper world.