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Thanks @duncan, I know Jon’s work but that’s for general purpose really. The BIMxBEM project looks really interesting. I wish the IFC functionalities was decoupled from the FreeCAD code. I will watch the video when I get a chance.

Here is the video if anyone has a hard time to find it:

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@mostapha the Topologic project is more software agnostic and works on IFC files in a few platforms. Talk on Topologic? — OSArch Community

As I understand it the tricky part is that different programs store geometry in different way so working out the space/room boundaries inside/outside is tricky. That’s part of what Topologic is working on.

I’m sure if you start a chat with Cyril & topologic on the forum they’d be happy to talk about the progress they’ve made. I know Cyril has specifically looked at how to take a BIM and ‘convert’ it to a BEM.

I am not convinced that it is a good way to go directly from BIM->BEM since building energy modelling is a craft that requires knowledge about building physics, HVAC and how to use the simulation engine. Still, I see a huge benefit in a fast process translating 3D geometry into something that can be used for building modelling without redrawing it manually. This process should be able to use BIM-models, 3D CAD, IFC, gbXML or any other 3-dimensional digital description of a building depending on what data that is available.

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I’ve used FME to do cityGML → OBJ → IDA ICE (or maybe I went via SKP format, one of the OBJ or SKP format worked better for IDA ICE). FME can work with IFC files ( so should be possible do IFC → OBJ/SKP → IDA ICE. There are open source alternatives to FME, but I’ve no experience with those.

Currently the CityGML/CityJSON format is mainly used when working with existing buildings and large scale urban energy modeling. But the CityGML seems to be the format to be used in EU in the future for building permits, national archiving by land surveying institutes etc so I think it can be interesting for architectural and energy simulation tools to have native support for it.

Thanks a lot Lukas
Citygml is new to me but it looks very promising since i focus on the building fabric and windows alone and not what is happening inside the buildings. Naturally it would be nice to have a model that contained all relevant information for a building simulation but right now I would be happy if I did just not have to redraw the roof, walls and windows for every project and iteration. I will try FME but due to the price, open source alternatives would be interesting as well. I tried to convert into OBJ but ended up with lots of triangles that messed up my model. Probably needs a lot of trial and error to make to model simple enough.

I read of a rather new project hopefully this could develop into something that could be used as well.

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i wanted to ask is it possible to work and do the analyse with the model that is imported from revit to thin ?i need ladybug and butterfly simulation with the models(dwg mostly or any format that is possible) to imported to rhino from revit.

Hi @aminolia, this is a different problem but the short answer is yes if you use Revit’s rooms/spaces. We are working on a Revit plugin for Pollination which exports clean models from Revit: Pollination Revit Plugin-Coming Soon

This is the Revit sample model:

and here is the other sample model exported using Pollination Revit plugin:

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Hi @MaxTillberg,

Did you find a solution for converting IFC-files (geometries and data) for BEM-simulations?

I am working on something similar to analyze Revit models in EnergyPlus (through a workflow Revit->Rhino.Inside->Grasshopper->Ladybug/Honeybee->EnergyPlus), but I want to implement my workflow by using openBIM formats, such as IFC.

I think my algorithm could also work with IFC geometries (in the screenshot you can see my Revit model and the converted HB model) but ,unfortunately, I didn’'t find tools for importing IFC directly in Grasshopper. Have you any suggestions? Many thanks!

Hi @angelomass,

You could have a lookhere.

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Hi @angelomass,

  1. We started a project called IFC > HBJSON which should help you convert an IFC file to HBJSON format which can be imported into Rhino/Grasshopper. The code is here:

    GitHub - devngc/honeybee-ifc

  2. If you can share the Revit model, I like to try it with the Pollination Revit plugin and see how it performs. You can also try it yourself: Pollination Revit Plugin


Hi @mostapha,

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry but I cant’ share my Revit model due to my organization’s permissions, but I will have a look at your code and follow with enthusiasm IFC->HBJSON project. It promises to be very interesting.

Dear @MaxTillberg ,
I came across this video looking for solutions to import Rhino geometry in IDA ICE.
It looks like an elegant solution. Are the scripts publicly available?