Workflow with ArchiCAD - Finally made it. Kind of

Hello Thiago,
Currently the selection of AC elements is manual (meaning we don’t have a node like the Pipeline reference node).
If you want to select the inernal surfaces of external walls you have to reference only these walls from AC but you can use the “Find&Select” functionality in AC to find the external ones.


Hi @Akaroczkai,

Thanks for the reply and info. I guess I’ll have to do that either manually or script it in Grasshopper for now.

Unfortunately for the time being, yes.

Hi Frank!

Regarding how to handle windows from AC to GH, I found that if you fit your zone to the outside face of the wall, you can mark all windows, set the 3D detail level of the windows to ‘schematic’ and then set the ‘reveal’ to 0, or choose the ‘no reveal - edge’. Now the windows will show without any frame and they will be aligned to the walls. It’s very much a workaround, and it obviously messes with your window settings… but it does work :slight_smile:

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You can also do like this. Setting the 3D details lvl of the windows to schematic should still be done to avoid the window frames, but you don’t need to change the reveal settings (which can get messy)
If anyone know of a better way to seperate the srf from the open brep at the end, please let me know, cause this only works with a simple file. I didn’t succeed to make it work in a complicated file.