0 Value Ladybug Shading Designer

Hi all, I was working on a parametric analysis of a building and I want to try how is it the daylight when only the skylights have windows while the walls have a WWR set to “0” but when I try to run the daylight analysis in honeybee it shows me an error " _glszr is missing ", also this happens when I want to have windows in the walls but without shading surfaces, when I set the slider (num of shades) to 0 it is not possible to run the daylight analysis.

Does anybody know how to solve this??
Thank you so much !

I’m confused how the slides for shades makes daylight simulation not to run! Are you connecting the output from shading designer as the first item to run daylight component? In that case, clean the input data so it removed None values.

Hello Mostapha, thank you for your answer I managed using a null in the list, but now I have this error: “1. Failed to find DEFAULTCSVPLACEHOLDER in the Honeybee schedule library” . I don’t know what to do I have uninstalled and installed again honeybee and ladybug and I am in the middle of a deadline so I am very worried because I cannot work with my file :confused: Could you please indicate me what to do ?

Thank you very much !

Did you fix this error? I am having exactly the same issue…

Thank you!