01_0_outdoor_airflow doesn't work... [butterfly testing]

Hi @mostapha,
I’am trying to sets the plugin and software for the e-lesson of tomorrow.
My step was been:

  1. to install open foam 1706 and virtual machine --> run correctly
  2. to install butterfly --> ok, no error messages
  3. to open 01_0_outdoor_airflow --> the algorithm doesn’t work and the error messages are:

Can you help me please?
Best regards

Hi @MassimilianoBusnelli,

The first error is because I’m using Rhino WIP and Grasshopper 1. That is only a warning and should not be a problem.

The other two errors are expected and happening because of the recent changes in the library. The solution is to use the butterfly component to update butterfly libraries which works with the latest examples.

Once you update the libraries you need to restart both Rhino and Grasshopper so it loads the new libraries.

Hi @mostapha,
thanks for reply.
I have reopened grasshopper and this is the error of using the first component:

If I try an update this is the new error:

I do not know where to bump my head! :slight_smile:
Best regards

No need to bump your head. See this: Got error while updating butterfly
You may need to delete the old installation manually for now until we figure out a better solution for updating the installation.

OK, @Mostapha.
After some copy / paste I managed to fix the error in butterfly, but … now no longer works Openfoam (or rather the Virtual Machine) … I try last time to reinstall everything, then I give up!
Best regards

VM should work fine regardless of having Butterfly installed. If you share the error I might be able to help. I know it is such a headache to install OpenFOAM on Windows and I hope by supporting the Windows 10 bash we can make it easier in the future for Windows 10 users.

Thanks @mostapha,
with the “good” words I managed to make OpenFoam finally work.
First question: in case of restarting the PC, do I have to run the virtual machine first and then click on OPENFoam_Start or is the procedure another?
Second question: reopening the outdoor file gives me this error:

but I have not studied the program yet … I look forward to tomorrow’s workshop!
Best regards

I’m trying all the example files of butterfly.
I can not see anyone’s results.
From the indoor and sumpleHvac gives me this error:

No. the start script does initiate the VM is it’s not running

Not sure which workshop are you referring to but generally speaking I suggest you watch and follow the video tutorials and report the errors for each step. That way we can help you to understand the workflow and also fix the issues for you if any.

ok, thank you so much @mostapha.
the workshop to which I refer is this:

Best regards